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Zinc steel guardrail

Date:2017-1-18  Views:855

Product specification:

Fence railings, respectively, there are several types: 1. The two rail, no pillar; Two pillars and columns. 2. The three pillars and without pillar; Three pillars and columns. 3. The four pillars and without pillar; Four pillars and columns.

Material specifications:rail:40×40×1.2,Vertical bar:19×19×0.8,stand column:50×50×1.2/60×60×1.2/80×80×1.2/100×100×1.2

rail:45×45×1.2  ,Vertical bar:25×25×1.0        

stand column:60×60×1.2/80×80×1.2/100×100×1.2

Product features:

1:Both a harmony with the surrounding environment and signature, but also has difference with neighbor unit。

2:High strength, no rust, long service life, applicable range, unique structure design, species diversity, and the beauty is generous 。

3:Performance of flexible, the base material of rigid and flexible make the fence product has good shock resistance 。

4:The color of the assembly to do samples, not only had the characteristics of beautiful more can have a better protective effect 。

5:Electrostatic coating surface treatment, make the guardrail products has good self-cleaning function, the rains washed out and nozzle spray cleaning can be bright and clean like new 。

6:Color is bright, smooth surface, high strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, antistatic, do not fade, no crack. The fence has adornment effect

7:Environmental protection, fine workmanship, reasonable supply and demand, technological strength, product surface smooth, no burr, anticorrosion treatment, uniform coating, permeability is good, do not affect the person's visual line of sight, weather resistance, anti-aging, pest-resistant, use a function in place to meet safety spacing and solid strength。

8:Good decoration, rich color, can satisfy the demands of different customers on the guardrail products personality 。

9:The price is reasonable, economical and practical 。

10:Stainless steel security bolt, the design of anti theft, solved the trouble back at home of you 。

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