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Traffic guardrail

Date:2017-04-16  Views:617

Product features:
1、Alarm function: by installing to make the guardrail on the outline of concise and lively, warning drivers to pay attention to the existence of barriers, and pay attention to the pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, etc., to prevent the happening of the accident 。
2、Separate functions: traffic barrier to motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians traffic space, the road in the section on the longitudinal space, make the motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians split tacks, improve the road traffic safety, improve the traffic order。
3、Stop function: traffic fence will stop the bad behavior, stop trying to cross the road pedestrian or bicycle or a motor vehicle. It requires that the barrier has a certain height, the certain density (column), but also has certain strength 。
4、Beautiful function: through the barrier of different material, different forms, different shape and different color, achieve harmony and coordination and road environment 。

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