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The progress and detection report of rotary guardrail core technology rotary drum

Date:2017-07-08  Views:619
Inscription metal company after more than ten years of wind and rain, always like a business philosophy: " everything is just for traffic safety "! With this beginner's mind, in the spirit of " keep improving" the creative concept, research and development of better products, has now obtained 15 national patents, with independent intellectual property rights, to minimize the traffic accidents due to substandard rail, resulting in serious casualties and property losses. 
The concept of " excellence" has penetrated into the blood of inscription people, especially the new products launched by the company - rotating guardrail, more able to reflect the inscription people in order to traffic safety, continuous innovation, the concept of excellence. The rotary guardrail project is established in mid - 2015, lasting two years, through the constant experiment of inscription people, continuous innovation, the production process has become more mature. 
As the core of the revolving barrel, when the project was established, the company made clear the goal - the appearance is unique, the production technology leading industry level, the product quality leading global. Inscription people rush to this goal, constantly try, adjust the process parameters, the final r & d success and mass production. 

Before the big area to market, the product quality meets the national GB / t 22040 standard, has been the heart people worry. On June 7, the report of our company's national inspection center in Jiangsu province came out, the three indexes are in line with the national standards, and are far ahead of the industry level. This report is our heart people to own two years to pay an account, also is to the general owner customer a satisfactory answer sheet. 

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