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Matters needing attention in expressway noise barrier construction

Date:2017-07-08  Views:632
1. the underground part of foundation and ground beam shall be constructed by excavation and trenching method. In order to minimize the disturbance to the highway subgrade soil. When foundation and ground beam construction, the super part must be poured with the same grade concrete. When pouring pile foundation concrete, the iron sheet can be used to protect the soil wall so as to avoid mixing the soil into concrete. 
The location and elevation of the sound barrier are selected according to the section map of the relevant pile number of the expressway sound barrier setting section according to this paragraph. Therefore, before construction, the construction and installation unit must check the position and elevation of the sound barrier foundation. The subgrade slope has an arch skeleton paragraph, the foundation spacing is 2m, and a foundation is set at the middle position of each arch, and the ground beam is arranged in the frame protection reserved slot. 
2. the embedded parts of ground beam shall be processed and embedded by the installation unit of sound barrier, and the concrete shall be poured with the installation unit to ensure the installation quality. 
3. the anti-corrosion technology of the column and installation of sound barrier shall be hot dip galvanized. 
4. when installing the sound barrier, the cement and other sundries of the embedded steel plate shall be cleaned, polished, derusting and anti-corrosion first. Conduct a comprehensive inspection and repair of the embedded bolts and make good lubricating oil. 
5. when installing the subgrade duanlizhu, the crane shall temporarily lift the sound barrier h - section pillar to the foundation, adjust the position, height, column and spacing of the h - section pillar, and use the vertical line to control the vertical deviation not more than 5mm, when installing the column of the bridge segment, using the screw embedded in the anti - collision wall, temporarily lift the sound barrier h - section column with crane, and adjust the position, height, spacing of the column and column of the steel column. When the upright column is installed, the vertical deviation shall be controlled by plumb line not more than 5mm, and the gap between the upright post and the anti - collision wall shall be padded to the steel vertical. 
If there is longitudinal slope in this section, the reinforced concrete ground beam can use the method of small steps to maintain the vertical of h - beam column, and adjust the height of h - beam column. 
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