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Four matters needing attention in the maintenance of zinc steel guardrail

Date:2017-07-26  Views:525
In the installation process of zinc steel guardrail, attention should be paid to the installation of waterproof sleeve, from inside to outside and inside and out, such as one, the pipe should use water mill cutting machine in cutting, can keep the incision level, will not damage the zinc layer and dusting layer, the installation process only needs to do these two points, can ensure that your zinc steel fence is more durable and lasting. 
1. avoid scratching the surface of the balcony guardrail with sharp items. generally, the coating is to prevent rust corrosion. if you need to remove some parts of the guardrail, you must remember to install the remaining parts, prevent children climbing on the balcony, etc., which can effectively prevent the occurrence of the falling events, and improve the balcony safety factor. 
2. if the guardrail of zinc steel is only the general outdoor air humidity, the antirust property of the guardrail is no problem, but if there is foggy weather, we should use the dry cotton cloth to remove the water drops on the guard rail. if the rain is wet, dry the water on the guardrail in time after the rain stops, and do the moisture - proof work of the zinc steel guardrail. 
3. in order to avoid metal rust, can regularly use cotton cloth dipped in a small amount of anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil to wipe the surface area, adhere to the iron railings bright as new. If the railings have been spotted at the beginning of the rust, the oil should be dipped in the rust on the oil as soon as possible, so that the rust can be removed, and the rust can not be stopped directly with sandpaper and other rough surfaces. 
4. most of the zinc steel guardrail is used outdoors, outdoor dust flies upwards. dust floating on the galvanized steel guardrail will directly affect the gloss and aesthetics of the guardrail, and lead to the damage of the protective layer of the guardrail. therefore, wipe the outdoor zinc steel guardrail regularly, and generally wipe with soft cotton fabric.
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