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Matters to be noted when installing a road guardrail

Date:2017-07-26  Views:532
When installing the road guardrail, according to fill height, slope slope, protected objects and other layout. Through the overall protection of the guardrail and the correct guidance of the vehicle, to ensure the safety of the collision vehicle occupants of a comprehensive performance. Before laying, be familiar with the route, bridge and culvert design conditions along the line, and give full consideration to it; Usually in the large and medium bridge, the general use of concrete wall type guardrail, its connection with the road guardrail has a rigid transition process, should be pre - emphasized. The road should be strengthened at this time and connected securely with the wall - type barrier. In order to avoid the influence of the expansion joint on the bridge, a wall type guardrail can be added on the abutment. And in the roadside railings on the emergency telephone, both to set up the opening, to properly protect the telephone facilities, should be given special consideration. 
In the section with high retaining wall, consider whether the foundation of the guardrail post is firm. For the sake of safety, wall - type guardrail can be modified; Barriers should also be provided in the tunnel and should be properly connected to the rails outside the tunnel. When the radius of the curve is less than 70 m, the normal guardrail ( single block length 4m ) cannot be used, but special bent beam should be used. In design, the number of curved beams shall be counted separately according to different radii. 
When using the guardrail in the central divider, the cooperation with the central separation taken down pipeline must be fully considered. If the 分 guardrail is adopted, the contradiction between the guardrail post and the embedded pipe should be prevented at the opening of the central compartment, and also should be noticed in the sharp curve. The guardrail with anti - blocking block not only increases the deformation capacity of the guardrail, but also moves the post, so as to ensure that the vehicle first hits the guardrail, prevents the wheel from being blocked by the guardrail column, and has high safety performance.
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