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Key points of construction technology for expressway guardrail facilities

Date:2017-07-26  Views:568
1. isolation gate settings
The isolation gate is usually located in the location of the highway boundary, and some problems often arise in the construction process. in order to ensure the accuracy of the lofting, it must be measured by the civil engineering unit using the total station before the construction starts, and the construction positioning will be carried out after the measurement. Before the isolation gate installation construction, it must deal with the location of the terrain, the nearby ground requirements for leveling treatment, the surrounding debris clean, and as much compaction as possible, for the relatively steep terrain, need to form a certain slope through the construction, so as to ensure that the isolation gate can be constructed along the slope direction. 
2. construction technology of crash barrier
In the high-grade highway, in order to prevent the people and animals irrelevant to the road, to ensure the safety of high speed traffic, prevent illegal occupation of land and so on, the most common problem of the isolation gate is that the isolation gate is stolen when the intensity of the isolation gate is poor, not only to the manager economic loss, but also to the safe driving, must strengthen the quality of the installation site. Strictly follow the design drawings, set out the center line from the side ditch on both sides of the road, ensure the accuracy of the scope of the highway land, and then fix the position of the upright posts on the centerline, and mark each pile position; On the basis of the completion of the lofting and positioning work, dig holes according to the requirements of the design drawings, the plane size and depth cannot be less than the design requirements, and the pit bottom shall be cleaned up; Connect the mesh, connect the piece of net piece on the ground first ( the connecting bolt cannot be tightened ), erect it according to the position of each foundation pit, and use temporary support to support it, adjust according to the design plan and site terrain, ensure the smooth and beautiful shape of the line; After the alignment of the isolation grid is checked and qualified by the supervision, the concrete shall be poured into the pit, the temporary support shall be removed when the strength of the concrete reaches the design grade of more than 80, and the bolts shall be tightened. 
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