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Folding Guardrail

Date:2018-05-25  Views:381


    Folding Guardrail is a new multi-purpose guardrail which integrates the road traffic collision guardrail and the mobile barrier.

The guardrail product USES the diameter of 159 columns, the column separation 3 meters.

The guardrail beam is 120*60*3.5 rectangular steel tube welding frame, the overall strength is greater than 310*5*5 guardrail plate, the metal surface is made of hot dip galvanized anticorrosive rust treatment, and the overall collision of the guardrail is greater than or equal to grade A.

The unique design of the universal wheel is installed on the column map so that the whole guardrail can be moved at will.

It can also be fixed by concrete as a permanent road safety barrier.

When you need to move, pull out the inner tube, the column can move through the wheel, and have foldable performance.

The guardrail mobile performance and folding performance greatly increases the guardrail products when using flexibility, on the one hand, can be used as a fixed guardrail, on the other hand can be folded mobile according to the actual situation, to form different shapes to adapt to all kinds of space requirements.

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