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Prospect analysis

In 2017, the Shanghai international traffic engineering, intelligent transportation technology and facilities exhibition began on may 6, the three-day exhibition, ushered in a large number of domestic and foreign merchants. Our newly developed double cylinder rolling anti-collision guardrail has been unanimously approved at home and abroad, which makes our company become the highlight of the exhibition again.

With the improvement of living standard, the automobile quantity is increasing, and people pay more and more attention to traffic safety. In the traffic accident due to the congenital shortage of the traditional guardrail causes the accident and property damage, the rolling guardrail developed by our company can greatly reduce the casualty rate occurred in the accident, and protect the safety of personal property of passengers and passengers.

Rolling cylinder guardrail uses " one post four columns" structure adds the rolling cylinder combination. The impact force perpendicular to the guardrail direction is decomposed into the direction parallel to the guardrail by the rotary decomposition of the cylinder, which is effectively absorbed and reduced by the roller, thus effectively reduce the casualties caused by traffic accidents. The rolling cylinder is attached with reflective strip, the night driving, through the lighting, can better reflect the profile of the route, the vehicle plays a better line of sight induction, and further ensure the safety of driving.

The product can be widely used in the freeway lane changing center of gravity unstable road, the vehicle is easy to get out of the ramp: the middle of the sector, cliff or high drop side slope section, bridge end, crosswind road, tunnel entrance and accident prone road sections.

Each dangerous road section needs a guardrail, inscription revolving fence, in line with the market trend, to meet the market demand. The market is being infiltrated at an alarming rate and is expected to cover a period of two to three years.

Inscription metal company speaks sincerity, inscription metal product heavy quality, Ming Xin metal company has the potential, Ming Xin metal team has the spirit.

Inscription purpose: all for traffic safety

Inscription's responsibility: to protect society with better products

Be careful to be a person, heart to do business, make heart brand become an industry benchmark!

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