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Patent technology: 

The company has a strong technical force of the research and development team, constantly study new collision guardrail and constantly improved, on the basis of existing products and obtained many item of products patent For customers to provide product drawings will be in the first place for technical analysis, guarantee on the production technology for customers worry, rest assured.

Patents: a flexible cushion of interpolation fixed anti-collision guardrail

Patents: a new type of flexible security buffer anti-collision guardrail

Patent: a socket type flexible buffer anti-collision guardrail

Patent: a bridge guardrail

Patent: a assembled modular flexible buffer anti-collision guardrail

Patent: a assembled modular window

Patent: a spin lock structure in flexible buffer anti-collision guardrail

Patents: can a buffer to absorb the impact of road traffic guardrails

Patent: a collision with handing down a guardrail

Patents: a modified rotary anti-collision guardrail

Patent: a canopy

Patent: a kind of multi-functional canopy

Patent: a convenient installation of flexible buffer anti-collision guardrail

Patents: assemble combined traffic guardrails


Rolling guardrail used "a post four column "structure with rolling cylinder combination. Effectively prevent the car through the fence, try driving lane or rollover. Car impact force of the rolling cylinder with decomposition, decompose in vertical direction of the guardrail shock to the parallel to the direction of the guardrail, absorbed by rolling cylinder effectively and reduce, effectively alleviate the casualties caused by traffic accidents。

Advanced technology: 

Production process in order to satisfy the different products, the company is equipped with many sets of advanced production equipment, CNC plasma cutting machine, automatic punching machine, shot blasting machine, molding machine, etc.) ;

Fence has the different weather resistance, in order to ensure that intimate company has developed dozens of special surface treatment procedures, using high-tech technology, through multi-channel special coating process to produce permanent coating

Make and eternal guardrail has very excellent corrosion resistance, resistant to moisture, weatherability and long surface self-cleaning capacity.

Unique material: 

Use maanshan steel special steel processing, rolling cylinder hired a specialized Italian team allocate by dozens of raw materials mixed with Italian imports of advanced equipment

All use maanshan steel high quality internal and external galvanized pipe, steel plate, rust; Rolling cylinder is adopted the high strength of EVA and pu material through a integrated processing equipment. Don't need the secondary processing

Bright colours: 

Launched colourful cross free collocation, and factory, office building, the balcony door, village, villas, hospitals, schools, roads, Bridges, tourist attractions and other associated environment, perfect the overall effect 。 

Rolling cylinder of colorful appearance, the height of the light reflection effect, have eye capture function, can cause the driver's attention, reduce accidents, especially to ensure that their night driving safety and rainy day 。

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